It doesn’t just stop at Harry Styles, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. The videos were also seen on the YouTube channels of The Weekend, Doja Cat and Michael Jackson. In total, about fifteen accounts were affected. The videos, which have since been removed, featured a video clip of the so-called rapper IShowSpeed. At one point, an image of a Spanish prisoner also surfaced in the clip. 

It is not known who is behind the hacking. Presumably Los Pelaos, a criminal group, has something to do with it. They shared some of the videos on their Twitter account. They also claim to be responsible for the hacking. In turn, it is also not clear why the YouTube channels in question were hacked. Perhaps it has something to do with the prisoner Paco Sanz. Several titles had the following message: “Free Paco Sanz”. The latter has been in a Spanish prison for two years because he has defrauded several people for about 350,000 euros. The affected celebrities have not yet responded to the whole event, but other Twitter users have already noticed the hacking. They reacted en masse to the incident.

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