Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere can hardly be called friends. During the filming of a low-budget film, an incident occurred that could have cost the Hachiko star his career.

It all happened on the set of Lords of Flatbush in 1974. This was Gere’s first project. He, like Stallone, was just beginning his journey in the film industry. However, the two newcomers immediately took a dislike to each other. It all started with sharp jokes that turned into a serious conflict.

During the lunch break, the actors gathered in a warm car in which they could have a bite to eat. Stallone and Gere sat in the back seat together. There was a quarrel, the details of which Sylvester told Aint It Cool .

“I was eating a hot dog and he came in with half a chicken covered in mustard and grease dripping from an aluminum wrapper. I said, “This stuff will drip all over the place.” He said, “Don’t worry about it.” I said “If this gets on my pants, you’ll regret it.” He keeps biting on the chicken and a little greasy mustard shot out on my thigh,” the Rocky star shared.

Then he lost his temper, hit his colleague on the head with his elbow and drove him out of the car. Stallone gave the director a choice: one had to leave.

Gere was fired in the prime of his career. This was a strong blow for the actor, because of which he did not dare to return to filming for another three years.

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