The image of Brad Pitt, who appeared in the attribute of women’s wardrobe, was appreciated by fashion experts. As it turned out, the skirt on the actor only emphasized his courage and knowledge of the fashion industry.

According to stylist-image maker Alina Nekipela , the trend for skirts in the men’s wardrobe has long been trying to defend its position. However, only the most courageous agree to them.

                                                                 Brad Pitt

The stylist believes that in this way Brad Pitt only emphasizes his courage and independence from the opinions of others. In addition, the movie star did not become less brutal because of the skirt.

“From the point of view of styling the image: of course, this format is not worn for everyday wear, but as a fashionable option it is quite appropriate. I really like the combination of colors in the image and they harmoniously present the appearance of the actor. And boots on bare feet are like an additional accent to his outfit, 

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