Vafaei is an unknown snooker player. He is 27 years old and born in Iran. Vafaei is the first from this country to qualify for the World Cup, which starts today in Sheffield, England, and lasts until Monday, May 2. Ronnie O’Sullivan has been at the top for thirty years. The 46-year-old Briton has won six world titles, including that of 2020, and 38 ranking tournaments and many other prizes. 

But according to Vafaei, O’Sullivan should retire from snooker. The Iranian believes that The Greatest of All Time, as the six-time world champion is seen, is ‘bad for the sport’ and ‘disrespectful’. “What kind of legend are you when you call people numbers (freely translated: idiots, ed.)”, Vafaei told the English website Metro† “I was and am good friends with him, but I don’t like this. Maybe this will give him a good feeling. I treat Ronnie the way he deserves.”

‘Harmful for the sport’

For example, a few months ago, O’Sullivan said that children should never start playing snooker. “Such statements are harmful to our sport. I don’t think he needs to remind us that he won 20 major tournaments. Someone has to remind him that he is Ronnie O’Sullivan. Without the people around them, he wouldn’t be here at all.”

Comment Ronnie O’Sullivan

O’Sullivan reacted to the statements in front of the Eurosport cameras . He didn’t seem impressed by Vafaei’s words. “I think it’s funny. I actually find everything funny,” says O’Sullivan. “It’s just words. You need a lot to put me in a bad mood.”

Vafaei continued with his diatribe. “He says you’re poor and ‘I’m rich since I’m Ronnie O’Sullivan’. I don’t like that. We don’t have to compare ourselves to others. Really, I’m a big fan of him but sometimes he’s so disrespectful and not good for our sport. I think he better retire so that the younger generation can make the sport great.”

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