The makeup artist revealed the secret of Kate Middleton’s youth.

The other day, Kate Middleton shone at the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Millions of riveted eyes to the royal person noticed: she began to look clearly younger.

However, the reason, most likely, is not in the “beauty injections”. According to The Sun , citing makeup artist Amy Bates, Prince William’s 40-year-old wife can use natural Botox, which is used as a lotion and lasts about ten hours.

Cosmetologist Irina Kotova , in an interview with PopCornNews, also doubted that the Duchess resorted to injections.

“If I understand correctly, we are talking about products with argireline – this is a synthetic peptide that slows down the conduction of a nerve impulse and can smooth out superficial wrinkles,” the dermatologist believes.

Kate Middleton’s

According to the beauty expert, the remedy cannot be compared with real injections: this will not limit very deep mimic wrinkles or muscle mobility.

“Rather, it will just be the effect of more stretched smoothed skin,” says Kotova.

Cosmetics with argireline are produced by Korean and Thai manufacturers, so buying it is simple and not expensive.

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