Hollywood star Jennifer Garner has found something to do while her children, along with father Ben Affleck and new stepmother Jennifer Lopez, are having fun in Paris. The actress is resting in an unusual way for celebrities.

Garner posted a photo from her garden in Oklahoma, which has an abundance of plants and tropical trees. Any housewife will envy her greenhouse.

The actress manages not only to raise three children from actor Ben Affleck, but also to cope with a huge greenhouse. Known for her role in the film Dallas Buyers Club, the actress turned out to be an avid gardener.

But for her, spending time on the farm has become more than a hobby. Garner has been with Once Upon a Farm, an organic baby food brand, for several years.

“Summer Love, from Farmer Jen,” ​​Garner captioned the photo on her personal social media page.

Screenshot jennifer.garner Social media

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