Emma Watson

The stylists of 32-year-old Emma Watson cannot guess what is going on with their star ward. The star appeared in public in a wedding dress at the wrong time. This is what gave out the main mistake of the masters who conjure over her images.

Recently, the actress appeared at a gala dinner in support of women’s rights. But she could not set the right example in choosing an outfit. Fashion designer Apollon Baigakoff has taken the Harry Potter star ‘s look to pieces.

Watson tried on a sheer white floor-length dress, reminiscent of tulle in style. The celebrity put on discreet nude makeup and removed the hair at the back of her head. According to the fashion critic, the screen Hermione missed everything. He gave a fashionable lesson to Watson, who had sat down in a puddle:

“The image is a failure, as the combination of a light white dress, similar to a wedding, and terrible heavy black sandals and a clutch leaves much to be desired. With such a beautiful dress, sandals and a light-colored clutch would look great.

Emma Watson
                                 Emma Watson

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