Actress Jessica Chastain responded on social networks to “sofa” critics on the hatred of the appearance of her colleague Florence Pugh. With her sharp statement, the Oscar winner shamed the men who ganged up on Florence Pugh for her revealing outfit.

The producer approved the choice of Pugh, who appeared at the Valentino show in Rome in a translucent purple dress and lit up her breasts. For this image, fans began to criticize the actress harshly, they comment on Peopletalk . However, Chastain emphasized that women do not have to rely on the opinions of reprehensible men in order to simply love themselves.

“Why is it so scary for some men to realize that women can love their bodies without their permission? We don’t belong to you,” Chastain commented.

                                     Jessica Chastain

Florence did not remain silent either . She expressed everything that she thinks about it.

“It was interesting to watch and be a witness to how easy it is for men to completely destroy the female body, publicly, proudly, for all to see. Many of you wanted to forcefully tell me how disappointed you are with my “tiny boobs” or how ashamed I should be. I have been living in my body for a long time. I am fully aware of my breast size and am not afraid of it.”

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