Johnny Depp’s ex-wife turned out to be a real abuser, and she married not for love, but solely for profit. At least, this was stated by the personal doctor of the famous actor at the last court session.

“I can’t live like this. She’s full of shit like a Christmas goose, I’ve had enough. Constant insults, humiliation, humiliation … She treats the man she was supposed to love most in a damn shocking way – they quote Depp’s note to the physician on the Toofab portal .

Moreover, in other notes, Johnny complained to his personal doctor about Amber’s terrible commercialism and sky-high ambitions, because of which she allegedly chose Depp as her husband. The trial did not go without the doctor’s memories of how the actor lost a piece of his finger:

“I saw Depp outside the house, he was sitting in the car and he was missing part of his finger. Things were scattered around the house, it was clear that everything was not in order here, and it seemed to me that the walls were covered in blood.

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