Prince William and Prince Harry are in a festive mood after their close friend, businessman Alexander Gilks, announced the birth of their son Theodore.

The news was shared by his fiancee, tennis star Maria Sharapova. Previously, the athlete only hinted at replenishment in the family, but there was no confirmation.

The other day, Sharapova posted a picture with a baby on her personal page on the social network. On it, parents lovingly look at the newborn.

Maria Sharapova

“Theodore. The most beautiful, difficult and valuable gift that our little family can only dream of, ”the new mother signed the post.

Princes William and Harry are close friends of the Sharapova family. Alexander Gilks ​​was invited to the wedding of William and Kate Middleton. He was also scheduled to attend Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, but was unable to attend, according to Hello! .

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