Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston was spotted in the Bahamas with several gentlemen at once. It soon became clear who these mysterious strangers were.

Recently, the 53-year-old actress went to rest on the sea. In the pictures on social networks, Jennifer posed alone, so the fans decided that she was spending her holidays alone. However, later the paparazzi filmed the actress in the company of actor Sean Hayes. It turned out that Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Batman were also on holiday with them. Fans posted a photo from the resort where Aniston is resting. In the pictures, she poses with Hayes and two fans.

The chances that this vacation is the beginning of a romantic story are small. Fans remembered that all three actors are old friends of Aniston. Most likely it was a friendly trip.

It remains to be hoped that the actress will still find happiness in her personal life. So, recently, rumors have appeared on the Web that the celebrity has again begun to communicate with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, GRAZIA reports . The actor even presented the ex-wife for the 50th anniversary of the mansion in which they once lived together.

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