Telediva Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson broke up after nine months of relationship. The reasons for this turned out to be rather banal.

The star couple did not have a strong relationship due to the strong age difference. Davidson is now 28, and Kardashian is 41. They also cannot be together due to the fact that they live in different cities almost all the time.

The infantile nature of the comedian also added fuel to the fire. The source of the PageSix portal said that this relationship exhausted Kardashian very much. In addition to running a business, participating in a reality show, she still had to devote a lot of time to her family. All this put an end to their joint future.

“Pete is completely spontaneous and impulsive. He wants her to fly to him immediately in New York or anywhere else. But Kim has four children, and it’s not that easy. She needs to focus on raising them.”

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