Uma Thurman met her rapist when she was 16 years old. It turned out to be a famous actor who was 20 years older than her.

The Pulp Fiction star went to a party at a club where she met an actor who would take advantage of her. According to the actress, he invited her to his house for a drink. Not suspecting anything was wrong, Thurman agreed.

When she realized the evil intentions of the rapist, she tried to refuse him. But she didn’t succeed.

“I cried, protested and resisted with all my might. In addition, he said that I have nowhere to run – the door is locked, ”admitted the movie star.

The attacker released the young Thurman only when he had finished all his dirty deeds. However, this was not the only case of harassment in her life.

The actress told how director Harvey Weinstein harassed her. She then starred in the films Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, reports The New York Times .

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