Around the new album of the singer Beyoncé Renaissance erupted another drama. This time, the singer had to change the lyrics in one of the songs.

From the start, things didn’t go according to plan. The day before the release, the album was leaked to the net, and on the first day of the release of the album, Beyoncé was accused of plagiarism. Now the indignation of the listeners caused the expression spazzin’ on that ass (translated as “go crazy”) in the composition Heated.

In the UK, the word spazz is used to refer to a type of cerebral palsy, so, according to the audience, it is unacceptable to use the phrase in this context. This position was supported by activist Monica Lewinsky, who gained fame amid scandals related to the White House. Monica told Beyonce that such offensive words could not remain in the text. The singer’s team removed this expression and explained that they did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, according to Variety .

It is noteworthy that Lewinsky, intoxicated with victory, suggested changing the lyrics in the 2013 song Partition as well. But this time, Beyoncé’s fans strongly opposed the proposal.

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