The disastrous box office of The Dumbledore Secrets has led to Warner Bros. seeming to have decided to say goodbye to the franchise, despite the announced plans for as many as five installments. Why Yeats and the Warners didn’t manage to go out on the big name of Harry Potter, the well-known director explained to News:

“Fantastic Beasts didn’t really hit the audience. They are too childish for adults, and too adult for children. Unlike Harry Potter, which had a target audience that grew with it from series to series [of the franchise]. The fans got older, the movies got older.”

Director David Shneiderov insists that the creators of the Harry Potter films have achieved the incredible – if the first films were for children, then in the subsequent ones, the audience grew and increased along with the characters. But Fantastic Beasts, alas, did not succeed, the expert concluded:

“That’s why Potter had a fantastic success, and Creatures didn’t hit. This is the problem. Well, behind the Potter films, there were great, brilliant books. The circulation of books grew, new children grew up, who read the first books and caught up.

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