By slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith caused serious damage to his reputation. At first, he was banned from appearing at all ceremonies organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for ten years.

However, for some, this punishment seems too lenient. As a member of the film academy Harry Lennick noted, such a measure can be compared to a long break for a bully on the playground. He believes that Will Smith should realize the seriousness of the crime he committed.

According to Lennik, for this the actor should return the figurine he received with the scandal. At the same time, Smith will have to declare that he is not worthy of this award.

“Smith needs to send his golden trophy back to the Academy by express mail and publicly state something like: “In deference to the 94-year history of this high honor, I in good conscience do not consider myself worthy to be its owner,” Lennick wrote in his article for Variety .

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