The musical group “Earthlings” celebrates its 45th anniversary. Almost anyone can attend the event.

The group plans to celebrate the anniversary with a big concert. The musicians will perform their hits at the Gazprom Arena on July 2, 2022.

Tickets for a large-scale show can be bought at a price of only 45 to 70 rubles. The event will bring together several tens of thousands of fans from all over Russia. The creator of the group, businessman Vladimir Kiselev, explained the decision to sell tickets for a sensational price by the scale of the upcoming spectacle.

“As you understand, the numbers are not random. This truly large-scale, grandiose, incredibly spectacular concert is our gift to ourselves for the 45th anniversary and a gift to our fans. It is very important that everyone can go to our concert, ”KP quotes the artistic director of the group Vladimir Kiselev.

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