Charlize Theron kept silent about her difficult childhood for a long time. Only in 2008, the actress spoke about her drinking father.

As it turned out, the man constantly drank and beat both Theron herself and her mother. Back in the early 90s, a man came home drunk and began to threaten his family with a shotgun.

The mother of the actress wanted to take away the weapon from her husband, but accidentally shot him. The woman raised the future movie star with an iron fist, reports Teleprogramma .

“She could hit me really hard. For answering rudely to an old woman in the store. For sitting down to eat tomato soup without taking off her school uniform. There were many such examples. Moreover, my mother beat with what came to hand – a hair brush or a hanger, ”said Charlize Theron.

At the same time, she is grateful to her mother for her strict upbringing. In her opinion, it was such beatings that made her successful.

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