The Boys creator Eric Kripke has been very rude about the newfangled approach of streaming services. The producer is simply infuriated by the new trend in the production of series – when directors increasingly declare them as “long films” broken into episodes. The action and characters develop much more slowly there. On television, this would be impossible, because each episode must be dynamic, otherwise the viewer will switch the channel.

The producer recalled that he is a television veteran who had to captivate viewers for 22 hours a year. Kripke is driven crazy by writers who can “give you a 10 hour show where nothing happens until 8 hours of storytelling.”

“I don’t understand those who say, ‘I’m making a 10-hour film.’ (hereinafter referred to as foul language). This is not a movie! Make a series, you’re in the entertainment business!” – Kripke was outraged in an interview with the Vulture portal .

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