The lawyer explained why Amber Heard should not go to court with new evidence against Johnny Depp.

Recently, the actress made an unexpected statement. She said that she had records of a conversation with a psychologist, to whom she complained about the violence from her ex-husband. However, Amber did not provide them as evidence in court because the psychologist was not a direct witness. Now the artist is very sorry about it.

This situation was commented on by lawyer Andrey Knyazev . He noted that Amber was right not to provide these records, because the psychologist did not see with her own eyes what was happening between the spouses. In addition, when Hurd went to court, she clearly had more serious evidence, which she remembered in the first place.

“The psychologist, indeed, was not a witness. The only thing Heard could complain about. I don’t think that the tapes would have affected the process, because there, apparently, there was more weighty evidence, as she believed, at least before the loss. So it is unlikely that these records would have any weight, ”the lawyer believes.

The expert also added that it makes no sense to regret now about the unproven evidence. In his opinion, Heard will also fail in the second lawsuit.

“There are no procedural and other grounds for initiating a case. She had the opportunity in this lawsuit to provide her evidence. Claims are not filed ten times for the same thing, ”Andrey Knyazev said in a conversation with News.

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