Will Smith even apologized to Chris Rock for the scandalous slap, but it did not help him at all. The negative and pours on the presumptuous actor. He was condemned by many colleagues. His family had to stand up to defend the disgraced Smith, because there was simply no one else.

Sympathy for Will was expressed by his 21-year-old daughter, Willow’s daughter. The heiress of the Hollywood star has no doubts about the sincerity of her father’s apology to the injured Chris Rock, recorded on camera. Moreover, she perfectly understands why Smith, who stood up for his wife, was thrown out with a tub of unflattering comments.

“For me, my whole family is ordinary people. I love them and accept them for who they are. But because of our status, society refuses to accept many of our qualities that are characteristic of ordinary people. We are expected that we will not behave the way other people behave in ordinary life, which means that honesty is not expected, ”the girl said in an interview for Billboard.

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