Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney convinced her parents to enroll her in acting at the age of 11 with a PowerPoint presentation.

Child psychologist Irina Taranova told in an interview with the News portal whether a child at the age of 11 can really decide on the choice of a life’s work and how important it is for parents to hear the desires of their children.

“Of course it can. There are no age restrictions. Much more often, as adults, people don’t know what they’re up to. And this is just an amazing, rare example, ”said the specialist.

Many factors influence such desires of children, and it is difficult to single out one: from relationships with parents to interaction with peers. Now it is more and more difficult to determine what children want, because almost everything is given by parents, the psychologist believes.

“It is very important to listen to the wishes of the child so that he can realize what he wants, so that achievement motivation develops. Then he can see that certain results are obtained from the efforts made. And this is a very important experience, ”said Irina Taranova .

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