The day before, information was leaked to the press about the new young mistress of Gerard Pique. Given his upcoming trial for children with his former lover Shakira, such messages are now very inopportune for a football player. Lawyer Janis Juksa explained how this could hinder the Barcelona player and what numerous media outlets got wrong.

First of all, the expert clarified that Shakira and Pique are unlikely to sue because of child custody.

“The fact is that under the law, even foreign, custody of children is carried out by both parents. Here, rather, we are talking about the place of residence of children. So the journalists here messed up something with the wording “guardianship”,” Yuksha explained in an interview with PopCornNews.

He also expressed confidence that gossip about a mistress, who could also destroy the relationship between Piqué and Shakira, would most likely be used by the latter’s lawyers. Most likely, with an obvious reference to the “immoral behavior of the father of the children.” While it is difficult for a lawyer to say whether the court will take the fact of having a mistress into account. However, Yuksha cited another case that would not have been dared to be ignored in a court in modern Europe.

“I admit the possibility that if a man lives with another woman, then this may become an obstacle in the Spanish court. Now, if the sex of his partner was different, then I am sure: there would be loud applause from the public. Unfortunately, I have come across this in my practice,” the expert concluded.

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