52-year-old Jennifer Lopez abandoned her sonorous surname, under which she performed for many years, for the sake of her new husband. Now the confirmation that she got married flaunts not only on her finger, but also in her passport.

The news of Jennifer Lopez’s secret wedding to Ben Affleck sounded like a bolt from the blue. Now the details of this important event have to be collected bit by bit. And now, for example, it became known that the singer not only changed her status, but also took her husband’s surname – now she is Jennifer Affleck. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to documents published on the official website of Clark County, Nevada.

Probably, the star could not have acted differently, because she and her newly-made husband, 49-year-old actor Ben Affleck, had been going to this event for 20 years. But despite all the grandeur, they did not advertise the wedding, and they decided not to bother with wedding rings – they chose cheaper ones.

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