Vladimir Zhirinovsky never hid his relationship. His only love and muse all his life was only one woman – Galina Lebedeva.

The couple officially sealed their union in 1971. A year later, their son Igor was born. It is noteworthy that he received his mother’s surname. This was done so that in the future he could independently build his life without being tied to the name of his already famous father.

Anything happened between Zhirinovsky and Lebedev, and there was even a high-profile divorce. However, after a while, the couple got back together.

Galina Lebedeva always spoke warmly about her wife.

“He never said the word “fool” to me, not to hit, ” she said in an interview.

Galina Lebedeva supported Vladimir Zhirinovsky until the last days, and he never tired of repeating that Galina was his main source of inspiration.

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