The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard could compete in the ratings with world TV shows.

After the verdict in the case of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard, many started talking about the epochal nature of the proceedings. It was suggested that the verdict in favor of the actor could seriously affect the “cancellation culture” . For others, it’s just a series that millions around the world have been watching avidly.

American film producer Tariq Nasheed believes that the trial between the former spouses was interesting due to the big names, and the emotional confrontation between the two ex-spouses became a live reality.

“A big first-class celebrity goes through a messy and chaotic breakup with his sweetheart. Many people like to watch this as entertainment, ”the Fifth Channel quotes the expert .

On social networks, only the lazy did not discuss the scandalous trial. Even those who did not delve into history, one way or another saw excerpts from the speeches of each of the parties in court, which means they knew what was the matter.

The producer believes that the story is great for users with loud absurd accusations, trolling and name-calling – what users love so much.

However, fans also have a chance for a “second season”. It became known that the loser Amber Heard does not want to give up so easily.

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