Quentin Tarantino named the best film ever made in cinema. The eminent director is sure that in terms of the integrity of the film there are no equals and no one has managed to get close to it so far.

As the film maestro admitted, Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” should be recognized as the best film project in history. Tarantino stressed that this may not be the best film, but as a project, few films can come close to the 1975 hit. And the author of Kill Bill explained how Spielberg did it.

“Spielberg and many of his associates grew up seeing movies like this in theaters. So… most of them were not so well directed. They were simply assignments that were carried out by journeyman directors who did their best within their talents. Unlike Spielberg, who only made films that he liked. The films he was sent to earth to make. And he created them inch by inch, as efficiently as possible,” Tarantino said on the Cinemablend podcast .

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