The fictional Bridget Jones, played by Renée Zellweger, made the list of the most powerful women in 2016. And this is not surprising. We tell you why.

Screen Bridget Jones from the comedy film “Bridget Jones’s Diaries” is far from ideal: her appearance, figure does not fit the standards of beauty at all, and she behaves spontaneously and quite emotionally. This is where its highlight lies. She opposes social canons and makes millions of women accept themselves for who they are.

“Bridget Jones is the perfect embodiment of the girl next door. She’s so obviously imperfect, which makes her attractive. Bridget’s strength is emotionality. With this, she captivates Mark Darcy and the viewer: she sincerely and vividly reacts to people and events, empathizes and does not hide her feelings.

The liveliness of emotions allows Bridget not to defend herself from the world, closing herself with an ideal facade. Disappointments and failures do not make her cynical or distant: she continues to dream of love and hope for the best, ”PeopleTalk quotes clinical psychologist Galina Laisheva.

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