For several days now, Hollywood actress Anne Heche has been in serious condition after an accident arranged by her. Although the star does not regain consciousness, everyone was hoping for a better outcome. But, judging by the assurances of insiders, there is no progress in the restoration of the celebrity.

Earlier it was reported that Ann’s family – common-law husband James Tupper and son Atlas – can not decide to disconnect her from the ventilator. However, as soon as the star of the film “Six Days, Seven Nights” was diagnosed with brain death, relatives nevertheless decided on this difficult step.

“Anne is currently in a critical condition. She has serious lung damage and burns. She is in a coma and does not regain consciousness after the accident, ”the Woman portal quotes an insider as saying .

It is known that Heche crashed her car into a two-story house, after which her car caught fire. Later, banned substances were found in the actress’s blood.

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