From the point of view of “good cinema” in its classical sense, one of the most popular films in the career of Vladimir Zhirinovsky is better not to approach at all, critic Alexei Khromov told News :

“This film is bad in everything: terrible production, stupid plot, crooked voice acting. But now, in the era of memes and post- or even meta-humor, he fits the theme perfectly. If you think about it, in the picture a lot of little-known artists portray celebrities. And the famous Zhirinovsky plays a policeman, who in the finale begins to portray Zhirinovsky.

The film expert clarified that such an idea could have come to Charlie Kaufman with his “Adaptation” or Tommy Wiseau with his “Room”, because “Ship …” can be completely disassembled into memes, but as for Zhirinovsky’s game, the expert clarifies, then it is difficult to unequivocally evaluate it:

“I want to immediately answer: both good and bad. In the interrogation scenes, he looks like a real tired policeman who grumbles at everyone. But when he tries to really play something, it turns out unnaturally. However, this clumsiness is partly fun: everyone understands that he is not an actor, and this creep is more funny than annoying.

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