Charles Leclerc is the star of Formula 1. He drives for the Italian Ferrari team. This year, Charles won two Grand Prix: in Bahrain and in Melbourne. But, apparently, life decided to bring him down a little from heaven to earth.

Nothing foreshadowed trouble – an ordinary conference with fans and general fan photos. Spark, storm, madness and crazy speed. In general, after a while, Charles Leclerc noticed that his Rolex watch had disappeared.

This was reported by the local newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport . The same publication also named the “multi-thousandth” cost of watches in euros. However, some media claim that this is not about Rolex, but about the “ordinary” Richard Mille, costing “only” $320,000. But, apparently, Leclerc would like to hush up this fact. After all, the official sponsor of Formula 1 is still Rolex.

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