Kim Kardashian admitted that a three-week strict diet, which she went on for the sake of Marilyn Monroe’s dress, provoked an attack of psoriasis. The star is sure that the reason is in the meat. Usually she does not eat it, but for the sake of losing weight she returned it to her diet.

According to Kim, the disease receded immediately after she stopped eating meat. Dermatologist and cosmetologist Irina Kotova expressed certain doubts that these things are connected.

“Psoriasis is a very mysterious disease that follows an autoimmune pattern. For someone, maybe the diet helps – this is her individual observation. When we treat this disease, we ask the patient not to eat any provoking foods, such as smoked meats, marinades or alcohol. But we don’t do it in such a way as to directly ban protein and meat. In the classical treatment, such a diet does not exist, ”the expert explained in an interview with PopCornNews.

Kotova considers stress to be a much more likely cause. According to her, psoriasis often progresses when a person is nervous and worried about something. This assumption may well turn out to be true, because Kardashian herself admitted in an interview with Allure that she experienced an “emotional roller coaster” on the eve of the Met Gala.

However, the doctor does not completely exclude the possibility that the cause is in meat, especially considering that this disease does not go away so quickly from steroids.

“It may be some kind of individual feature of the body. If she noticed that she was getting better, then why not, ”concluded the doctor.

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