In his films, Tom Cruise often drives cars or performs incredible stunts somewhere in the air, pilots helicopters, planes. But it turns out that all this is enough in his real life. Moreover, he really likes it.

“Sometimes I speed. Sometimes they stop me. But I also spend a lot of time on racetracks, on motorcycles, in helicopters, so there’s a lot of that in my life,” Cruz told People .

The actor after the first part of “Top Gun” (1986) got a pilot’s license. And in the sequel, he even pilots his own vintage P-51 in a scene where he decides to fly through the clouds with Penny, Jennifer Connelly’s character.

Tom Cruise also emphasizes that flying is not just some kind of test, it is also beauty. He likes to look at the world from this angle.

“I flew where the birds flew next to me. We flew together. I mean, it’s simple, it’s beautiful. There is strength and majesty in this. I look at nature, at sunsets, at sunrises and stars up there, ”said the actor and admitted that as a child he climbed onto the roof of the house to admire the stars, imagining that he was on an airplane.

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