Keanu Reeves is preparing to shoot a documentary about Formula 1. To do this, despite the rain, he attended the British Grand Prix races. This experience greatly impressed the actor.

“It was wet, but it was exciting. It was absolutely amazing to be so close. Silverstone and rain, perfect. I think that to be so close, just to see the speed and how they go through turns and out of corners is something incredible, ” People quotes him as saying.

Reeves is working on a project about the 2009 Formula One season, which saw the first use of a Brawn racing car. The series will feature interviews with Ross Brawn, Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello and other important F1 figures of the era. Keanu himself will act as an interviewer.

“A friend told this story and I was so amazed. There was so much going on in Formula 1 at the time,” Reeves explained. “It’s just that the world of Formula 1 was unusual, as always, but that year with Brown, I think something special happened.”

Now the star is engaged not only in filming. He was interested in one unusual project related to the NFT and artists.

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