Jason Alexander, under a fictitious pretext, entered the Britney Spears holiday.

Preparing for the wedding with fitness trainer Sam Asghari, Britney Spears was bitterly disappointed. When the wedding dress and cake were ready, ex-husband Jason Alexander snuck into the house of the pop princess of the 2000s and disrupted the celebration.

Alexander deceived the guards, saying that the ex-lover invited him. The businessman demonstrated the whole action live on social networks. However, he did not get far. Jason was caught by the guards, and the police soon arrived.

The singer’s first husband fought off law enforcement officers, as a result he was thrown to the ground. Jason did not want to give up: he screamed piercingly, but this did not help either. He was loaded into a police car and driven away. Jason was charged with vandalism and battery, writes TMZ .

Alexander and Spears got married in 2004, but the marriage was very fleeting – it lasted 55 hours.

Recently, the performer had to endure a blow – she lost long-awaited child.

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