The shooting took place at about 8:30 a.m., in the full morning rush hour, on the N Line near the 25th Street subway station in Brooklyn and the 36th street subway station. The area around these two stations is closed, the New York police report. The perpetrator is said to have fired from the metro after he first set off a smoke bomb.

The suspect then fled and the emergency services are searching for him with all their might. It concerns a black man in an orange yard jacket with reflective strips and a gas mask.

Shooting at a subway station platform in Brooklyn

The number of victims is also still unclear. Thirteen people were injured, according to the New York Fire Department, but it is not clear whether they were all shot. The injured were taken to hospital.

A spokesman for the fire service said several unexploded devices were also found at the 36th Street subway station. The New York police emphasize via Twitter that there are currently no active explosives present.


The NYPD is asking people to stay away from the area, known for popular Chinatown, views of the Statue of Liberty and Industry City, a sprawling warehouse district home to many creative companies. Several nearby schools are also on a heightened state of alert, a spokesperson for the local education services said. The doors are closed and no visitors are allowed in. 

Gun violence has increased in New York in recent months, with multiple attacks on the city’s transportation system, one of the oldest and most extensive subway systems in the world.

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