Meryem Uzerli became famous thanks to the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska in the series “The Magnificent Century”. However, the actress does not feel any warm feelings for her heroine at all.

The Turkish star admitted that the three-year shooting of the project was extremely difficult for her. It is noteworthy that many recognized the actress only because of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska, but Uzerli herself does not consider this role to be the biggest breakthrough.

In an interview with OK! The red-haired beauty explained her position:

“Hürrem is very powerful. Very difficult. She took all my energy. For three years, while the series was being filmed, Meryem did not exist. Her place was taken by Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska – this personality is so strong.

Before getting into this project, I played in the theater for ten years, and this role became for me the door to a completely new world. And, of course, it influenced me a lot. I know that for most viewers this is my main role, but I myself look at it differently.

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