Marilyn Monroe felt embarrassed at a meeting with Elizabeth II. Evidence has emerged of an audience in which the British monarch received the screen star.

It is known that after the play “The Royal Team” Her Majesty was fascinated by Marilyn and watched all her films. At the same time, Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, attended premieres with Monroe in the title role and maintained good relations with her.

Their acquaintance took place in 1956. During the visit, the Queen looked the actress up and down, and she took Her Majesty by the hand, and then lowered herself into a well-practiced curtsy.

The video from the event shows how Marilyn is worried in anticipation that the royal guests will approach her.

“She (the queen) said to a friend:“ I think Miss Monroe was a very nice person. But I felt sorry for her because she was so nervous that she licked off all her lipstick, ” writer Michelle Morgan quotes the Express .

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