Ryan Reynolds has managed to make Netflix history with his latest film, setting a new record that proves just how popular his movies are with fans.

Within the first three weeks of release, his new sci-fi film The Adam Project climbed into the top 10 most popular English-language Netflix original films, now ranking seventh – although it could still go higher. high.

This, as The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, makes Reynolds the only actor with three movies on Netflix’s Top 10 list, the other two being Red Notice and 6 Underground which sit at number one and nine respectively.

The Adam

The actor was previously linked to Sandra Bullock, who has two Netflix original movies in the rankings with Bird Box and Unforgivable .

Shawn Lévy, director of The Adam Project now claims a new Netflix record himself, being the only producer-director with a film on the most popular film list and a show on the most popular English TV list (it will be Stranger Things ).

He told THR, “I don’t do niche programming. I do mainstream programming. And having both Project Adam and Stranger Things in the upper echelon of most-watched programming on Netflix is ​​a point of pride.

According to Levy, 25% of those who stream The Adam Project have returned and watched it again — a sign of success, if there ever was one.

The Adam

The filmmaker added: “The way he is revisited and kept alive on social media with such sustained energy is a joyful surprise. »

The popular sci-fi film sees Reynolds playing Adam, a time traveler who crashes into the past trying to save the future.

He then meets his 12-year-old self, played by newcomer Walker Scobell, and sets out to find his late father (Mark Ruffalo) in hopes of returning to his own time.

In an interview with Netflix about the birth of Reynolds and Levy’s second creative collaboration, following the success of Free Guy Levy said, “From our very first meeting Free Guy , it was clear that Ryan and I had great chemistry. creatively, not just as a director and actor, but as fellow producers. We both love taking gear and looking for ways to improve it with the same tenacity and he cares about his projects the same way I do. So it really became a brotherhood.

Reynolds added: “As soon as we finished Free Guy our immediate question was, ‘What can we do next?’

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