Sobol was sentenced to house arrest in August 2021, prohibiting her from leaving her home between 10 PM and 6 AM, as well as staying in Moscow. According to Russian news channels ‘RT’ and ‘REN’, Sobol would have left Russia as soon as the restrictions went into effect. However, the house arrest has now been replaced by a prison sentence of five months and 26 days. 

From left to right: Russian opposition members Ivan Zhdanov, Lyubov Sobol and Alexei Navalny in 2020

Poisoning Navalny 

Sobol are known as one of the faces of Navalny’s opposition movement. In April 2021, she was given another separate sentence for attempting to confront FSB agent Konstantin Kudryavtsev. Sobol accused the latter of being involved in the poisoning of Navalny. The Russian opposition leader was arrested in January 2021 when he returned to Russia from Germany, where he recovered five months from poisoning with the nerve agent novichok. The dissident blamed the Kremlin for the poisoning, but Moscow has consistently denied it. 

Navalny was recently sentenced to 9 years in prison for embezzlement and contempt of court. The European Court of Human Rights has previously called the case “arbitrary and unreasonable”. 

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