The Izvestia correspondent and cameraman, who were detained in Estonia, had their visas revoked and were banned from entering the countries of the European Union (EU) for three years. This publication reports.

Correspondent Ksenia Soldatova and cameraman Dmitry Timofeev were on a train from Narva to Tallinn. They were approached by police officers and showed the correspondent a photograph in which she was shooting a tank. According to the publication, the film crew was taken to the police department. Now employees of the publication are waiting for a representative of the migration service. What they are accused of is unknown. The publication also published a document stating that Soldatova’s visa was invalidated due to the fact that “the conditions and purpose of the intended stay were not justified.”

  • On August 11, the Estonian Foreign Ministry announced that the country was closing the borders for Russian citizens, to whom the republic had previously issued a Schengen visa. Exceptions were made for some citizens. Thus, the entry will not be prohibited to employees of diplomatic missions in Estonia, their family members and persons involved in international transport. Close relatives of Estonian citizens or holders of a permanent residence permit in the country will also be able to enter the country. Also, the restrictions do not apply to Russians in need of humanitarian assistance, and those who have the right to free movement under the laws of the European Union.


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