The creators of the film “Kholop” received phenomenal fees in cinemas, but on the Internet the film was not accepted at its true worth. The reason for the low ratings was the human factor.

At Kinopoisk, the rating of the 2019 project does not even reach 7. Film critic Alexei Dvoeglazov explained why the film about the transformation of a negligent young man into an adequate, respectable citizen did not find popularity among online users:

“The rating on Kinopoisk and other portals is not always an indicator, many people don’t even know what it is, they don’t go there. The audience appreciated this film with a ruble.

The specialist also has assumptions about the second part, announced in the Telegram channel ” Film Distributor’s Bulletin “. The project budget will be 500 million rubles, and the output is scheduled for December 2023.

“Perhaps the audience will respond well to this sequel, despite the fact that it is far from the cinematic ideal. The film is popular and people liked it. The authors will try to prolong their triumph,” Dvoeglazov believes.

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