Leading one of the leading American labels, rapper 50 Cent (real name Curtis James Jackson III) has taken on responsibilities that he cannot handle. Apparently, the performer is more interested in his own promotion than his wards. What the team members repeatedly pointed out to him.

Many, having joined the G-Unit Records team, have already begun to fantasize how they will conquer the world with their work. But Curtis did not justify these hopes, after which the stage of disappointment set in for the singers. For example, The Game, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck were blamed for the inaction of their curator. But 50 Cent assures that they themselves are to blame for not being able to promote themselves properly:

“All the blame is placed on whoever is driving. But I can’t force people to buy their records, ”the rapper comments for the NME portal .

50 Cent also recalled being threatened by Death Row Records founder Suge Knight. During the filming of the video for the track “In Da Club”, the second approached Curtis with a group of Mexicans and asked “How are you, dude?” So he hinted to a colleague to walk and look around.

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