New beloved actor Channing Tatum Zoe Kravitz confirmed the public’s guesses about how they met. As it turned out, the actress grabbed the chosen one in time and did not lose.

Previously, there was talk that Tatum and Kravitz met on the set of the movie “Pussy Island”, where she made her directorial debut as the girl star of “Macho and Nerd”. By the way, the latter got into this project by accident. And all because he coincided with Zoya’s main criterion – she was looking for an artist who had previously played a “dark character”. And then everything instantly spun, spun, she said in an interview for WSJ :

“When you do something with people, it becomes a sacred process, and when you are also compatible creatively, it often opens other channels between you, because you share pieces of souls. I am very grateful that this film brought Channing into my life,” said Kravitz.

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