George Miller’s film “Three Thousand Years of Wishes” will still be seen by the Russian audience.

A new film by the Australian director starring Tilda Swinton will hit the country’s cinema screens on September 8. However, reviews of the tape among the professional critical community are mixed. According to film critic Oksana Agapova , it is not worth placing high hopes on the film.

“Not such enthusiastic reviews from critics about this picture. It’s very difficult to place the same expectations on him as you would on Mad Max. A strong cast – Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba – rather scares me, because in blockbusters it sometimes works from the opposite, the film collapses: the stars draw all the attention to themselves, the expectations from the picture increase, but it turns out not such a spectacular story, ”the expert believes.

Three Thousand Years of Wishes

At the same time, despite the sanctions, Russian cinemas will show fantasy. Agapova believes that the picture in the absence of competitors can succeed in the Russian box office.

“Paramount’s decision to show the film in Russia is most likely a practical one. Miller is known that 90 percent of the movie will be spectacular, the audience will go to see it. He will collect some cash at the Russian box office. In the state of “little picture” in which we are, for the viewer it will be a holiday in any case, ”the critic believes.

The interlocutor stressed that partly the box office of the film also depends on the situation on the film market in Russia. They will go to the film if the cinemas work properly, and ticket prices do not skyrocket.

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