Dreaming of taking a fresh look at his trilogy, Peter Jackson is unlikely to be helped by anything. The director only has to wait for old age and count on dementia.

Peter Jackson said he wanted to go into hypnosis to forget working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He explained his desire with the hope of seeing famous films without a director’s look. Sad news for Jackson.

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist Alexander Gurin , in an interview with the PopCornNews portal, said that hypnosis will not help Jackson erase six years of his life that he devoted to working on films from his memory. According to him, only 5% of the population can succumb to hypnosis.

“Only at the moment of a deep hypnotic state can it be done so that a person, being in it, will not remember, for example, the number seven or will forget something else. When he comes out of this state, the memory will return again.

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