While everyone is discussing the pair of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton are also not going smoothly. Apparently, this family is considered exemplary by mistake, because the heir to the British throne was suspected of infidelity.

A theory appeared in the media according to which Prince William started an affair on the side. According to insiders, everyone close to the royal family knows about this connection. Kate Middleton is also aware that her husband is cheating on her. Moreover, she even gave her approval for this relationship, according to Pop Sugar .

However, everything went further than the Duchess of Cambridge expected. Over time, Prince William began to have deeper feelings for the girl, and Middleton was no longer satisfied with this. Whether the heir to the throne is really cheating or remains an exemplary family man – one can only guess. Gossip about the infidelity of the Duke of Cambridge was spread by an anonymous account that constantly spreads rumors about celebrities. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that someone decided to promote on behalf of the grandson of Elizabeth II.

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