It turned out that even expensive jewelry can break, and quite easily.

Recently, Kourtney Kardashian revealed that her favorite item was damaged. By her own negligence, she lost her ring. A socialite accidentally stepped on him while cleaning up. After that, the decoration broke.

Courtney’s accessory was given to her by fiance Travis Barker. He had to pay a tidy sum for it – $ 1 million.

We decided to ask the expert if such expensive jewelry can break. Jewelry stylist Tasha Vanlove recalled that gold or platinum are fairly soft metals. And regardless of their cost, they do not lose these properties.

In ancient times, to understand whether a coin was gold or not, it was bent with teeth. Due to impurities, the alloy becomes stronger. Despite the mind-boggling cost, gold jewelry remains fragile.

“This is possible, if these are thin paws that hold the stone, they cannot be thick by definition – simply by design. And in this place the ring can easily break. But if the main part of the ring broke, it would be extremely strange. And then the shanks are different, sometimes they are made very thin. It is more important in which place the fault occurred. And so, of course, this is possible, ”said Tasha.

Also, the jewelry stylist gave recommendations to help avoid such annoying losses as Courtney’s.

“At least you don’t have to walk on them. When I am asked such questions, I give the following examples to clients: You don’t wear a silk dress to ride a bike, do you? Or do you not put on boats and do not go into the field in them? Therefore, things must be treated as intended. For example, rings should not be worn in the gym, where they can bend or get scratched. And it’s definitely impossible to stomp on them, ”the expert explained in a comment to News.

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