The release of the Hollywood remake of “The Irony of Fate” was announced for September, but there are already disputes on the Web about whether About Fate can, if not surpass, then at least come close to the success of the cult tape. However, such conversations are meaningless, the expert believes.

A small modest romantic movie “has not been collecting anything” at the box office for a long time, film critic Alexander Golubchikov explained in a conversation with the PopCornNews portal . And the two projects actually have little in common:

“It is extremely difficult to compare. Ryazanov’s tape is tied to people who had the last chance to find their destiny – this is a story about children of the post-war period. For the American audience, such things are difficult to bear. Here the bet is made on those who buy the same houses in the American suburbs, and it is easy to confuse them. And this is a story about young people.”

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