Maria Mashkova compared modern Russian and American cinema. How does the project work, what’s the difference?

The daughter of the famous actor Vladimir Mashkov managed to work not only in Russia, but also in America. And he knows firsthand how Western actors work. Contrary to expectations, it’s not about the big budgets for filming and not about the subject matter, but about the great competition between the actors, which forces everyone to professionally approach any role.

“People are very prepared, big competition, big money. People do not allow themselves to come unprepared: an unlearned text, a little drunk in the morning. This is impossible to imagine in America, ”the actress shared in an interview with the Vdud channel (Entered in the Register of Foreign Media Acting as a Foreign Agent).

Unfortunately, in Russia, according to the famous actress, this sometimes happens.

“And so, in principle, there is no radical difference,” says Mashkova.

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